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May and Then Comes June…..

In 18 days we will host our first event for 2017…an Evening at the Greenhouse. Once again we will be joining our friends at Suburban Lawn & Garden in Martin City and officially kick off summertime. The plants, flowers, trees and garden décor are abundant and beautiful at Suburban. It’s a lovely way to promote our cause and support the battle against PC!

Then, June 3rd will be our 10th annual disc golf tourney at the prestigious Thornfield golf course in Spring Hill. It’s hard to believe this will be our 10th tourney. We so enjoy disc golfers that come out to play a special course, support our cause and enjoy the day in the beauty of Thornfield. Our Board will be serving a bbq lunch, that will of course feature the ever populate salmon burgers.

We appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to seeing everyone in the coming weeks!

2016 FLHW Evening at the Greenhouse

We are looking forward to our traditional events for 2016. The first being our Evening at the Greenhouse, which will once again be hosted by Suburban Lawn & Garden in Martin City. Our event will be Friday, May 13th from 5:00 – 8:00 PM. Spring is in the air…spending the evening at the greenhouse is a wonderful way to discover some lovely additions for the garden and prepare for the summer season. Hope to see you there!

Rich Lodes

It is with a heavy heart that I share the passing of our beloved Board member Rich. In addition to being a founding board member of FLHW, he was a brother in law and best friend to David. He was a loyal and loving husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle, and friend to many.  His dedication and support for FLHW will be greatly missed. Rich lost his battle with metastatic melanoma on January 20th.

Our 2015 FLHW events will be dedicated to the memory of David and Rich.

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FLHW Golf Tourney Week!!!

So excited for our upcoming golf tournament out at Sycamore Ridge!                           Hoping the forecast for a wonderful autumn day is accurate.

We still have a few open teams available, so plan to join us on Friday, Oct 3rd.                 The link to registration is on the Events tab.

Registration opens at 11:00 AM and lunch will be served before the golfers tee off at 12:30.

If you have any questions, send us an email message at info@flhw.org.

Hope to see you Friday!




FLHW Golf Tourney Update

Our 10th annual FLHW golf tourney is rapidly approaching. Please plan to come out and join us for a day of fun at Sycamore Ridge golf course in Spring Hill, KS. This is the pinnacle event of the year for us, recognizing the importance of early detection for PC and raising funds to find a way to the cure. The intensity of clinical studies is dramatically increasing, but can only continue if we stay focused and dedicated to supporting the research effort.

Please go to the events tab and register to play, or support this event through a donation or sponsorship.

The battle against prostate cancer is a very personal fight for FLHW. Thank you in advance for supporting our mission.

Once you choose Hope, anything is possible….



Stand Up 2 Cancer (SU2C) is a collaborative research program that is dedicated to supporting and expediting the research necessary to find a cure for cancer. One of the clinical research studies supported by this program is dedicated to the study of prostate cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York. Collaborating the expertise, experience and potential of top researchers in their respective fields of cancer study is a powerful tool against our cancer battle.

While FLHW dedicates our focus on prostate cancer, we embrace and applaud all who battle The Big C. I encourage you to tune in to the live, hour long SU2C special tonight at 7:00 PM, presented on all the major networks, and to support this effort.

For reference, here are a couple of links for more information….



Whoever said winning wasn’t everything, wasn’t battling cancer…Let’s win this battle!


10th Annual FLHW Golf Tourney ~ Oct 3 ~ Save the Date!

Our 10th annual FLHW golf tournament will be hosted on Friday, October 3rd at Sycamore Ridge Golf Course in Spring Hill, KS.

Hoping we will again be blessed with a beautiful day. We always have a wonderful crowd that has fun while supporting a very worthy cause. To register, go to our Events page and sign up through Paypal to reserve your place today.

Check in will be open at 11:00 AM, with a shotgun start at 12:30. Lunch will be provided by FLHW before the start, so come out and enjoy the afternoon with us.

Hope to see you on the 3rd!



Welcome to Our New Website!

Welcome! We are pleased to present our new and improved FLHW website.

We have much of the same information that we maintained on our previous site, but now have an enhanced format which is hopefully, more intuitive and easy to navigate. Thanks to Ty and his team at DDM Global for partnering with us on this project!

David Emerson

Kansas City Hospice House, Room #6, Friday, October 5, 2012, 2:15 PM

As I sit at my husband’s bedside, I contemplate who the man David Emerson is. The man that I have shared half my life with. A man who frequently completed my sentences and I his. We often laughed at our ability to read each other’s minds. Always on the same wavelength. It is a wonderful gift to have a connection with someone like that in your lifetime.

So who was David Emerson? He was a kind, patient, generous man, never judgemental or pretentious. He worked hard for his accomplishments and was proud of them. He loved sports, both as a participant, and as a fan. He loved to travel. He loved a wide variety of music and often found comfort through his interpretations. He loved technology. He loved the change of seasons. First and foremost, he loved his family and friends.

He was a man of faith. The greatest testament to his faith was the example he set as a husband, father, son, nephew, brother, uncle, great uncle, friend and confidante to many. Another amazing example of David’s faith was the way he chose to accept his advanced prostate cancer diagnosis. He turned to God and tried to understand the purpose of this circumstance. He valiently fought not only his personal battle, but chose to pursue the battle on behalf of men fighting the disease, as well as all men who had the potential to be at risk. He was passionate about sharing his knowledge and the raw emotions of his personal experience.

Through the blog, David was able to reach out to the many touched by prostate cancer all over the world. He always appreciated the  comments he received from his posts. He made good friends through this medium as well. David was an inspiration, a hero, a kind, loving, genuine spirit. He created a legacy that his family and friends take great pride in. The world is a better place for having had David Emerson a part of it. He will be greatly missed. God bless you David.


A Memorial Mass is planned for Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 2:00 PM at
St. Michael the Archangel Church, 14201 Nall Avenue Leawood, KS 66223
A reception to celebrate David’s life will immediately follow in Fr. Porter Hall.

A Long and Winding Road

As David and I are sitting in room 4224 at KU Medical Center, we are discussing the long and winding road that has been our journey in the battle against advanced prostate cancer. The last 12 months have undoubtedly been the steepest, most challenging terrain that we have endured.

David has been in the hospital since Thursday, September 20th. Liquid that was accumulating around his left lung was causing severe respiratory distress. He had over a liter of fluid drained, and in 4 days, had to have yet another liter removed. Anticipating this could be an on-going issue, we had a catheter placed below his left breast that allows us to drain the fluid as needed. After numerous tests, scans, xrays, etc. we were told that cancerous tumors have spread throughout his chest. These tumors are a main cause of the edema that he has been battling for months. The tumors are putting pressure on organs and his lymphatic system, which explains the fluid retention. Due to the strenuous testing schedule David has followed this past week, he has been reduced to ice chips. A swallow study revealed that due a combination of the advancement of the cancer and the physical weakness of his body from not being able to eat this past week, he is at risk for aspirating or developing pnemonia, if he swallows and the food/drink trails down his air pipe into his lungs. We have been trying to do tongue and throat exercises to strenghten the muscles, hoping that he will begin to start eating thickened liquids and soft solids. We stopped the MDV3100 regimen and were considering a chemo treatment. After careful consideration, we decided that the risks of the treatment would far outweigh any potential benefit.

We are prepared to make a transition to a new level of care at the Kansas City Hospice House. For reference follow this link to see the site, which contains a virtual tour as well, www.kansascityhospice.org. The Hospice House is a wonderful facility that was designed to provide patients and their families comfort and medical attention once they decide not to pursue further treatment for their disease. While this was a decision we did not want to have to make, we are comfortable that it is the right choice for our family. We would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support that we have received over these very difficult days and ask for your continued prayers that David may continue to be comfortable and that we may spend many more days together.