More challenges

I’m not sure where to start….

Just when things seemed to be getting a little better last week, on Friday things once again changed. The only way I have been able to describe the change is my equilibrium is off. If I remain seated to read, watch TV or use the computer, things are pretty normal. When I get up and try to walk, I am not very stable on my feet. It’s not dizzy, more a feeling of being unbalanced. It applies to standing up, sitting up or moving my head. Yes, it is limiting me just a bit.

I made it through the weekend and on Monday I had my monthly oncologist appointment. After going through a few tests in the exam room, Dr. V ordered an MRI of my head and upper spine. It was all clear. He sent us home with two prescriptions to try to treat the symptom, even though we did not know the source, but after a few days, there was no relief.

Tuesday, we went to the Medical Center and I had my kidney stents replaced. It is hard to believe that three months have passed. The procedure went very smoothly. The surgeon reported that everything looked clear and he suggested that based on the condition of the stents that were removed, we can wait 4 months before we have to go through this procedure again. Obviously, I don’t want to go through this any more frequently than I have to, so this was good news.

Today we went back to the hospital for a spinal tap. Dr. V wants to make sure the cancer has not spread to my spinal fluid (extremely rare). Right now this is about all we know. We don’t fully understand what all of the possible sources of this new symptom are. We are just hopeful that it is something that will be easily treatable.

In addition to fighting this new issue, I am still in the battle to get the prostate cancer under control. My PSA is now up to 1,200. Given my last visit to the hospital with a blood infection, we are not ready to start chemo again. We are anxious to start a clinical trial for MDV3100. It is a treatment that we have been tracking for a while. Logistically, the closest medical facility offering this trial is in Lincoln, Nebraska. It will be a 3 to 4 hour drive each way, but at least it does not require a plane ride to get there.

The last week has been exhausting for our family, but we continue to be optimistic and are hopeful that we will find the right treatment that will allow me to get stronger and move towards a more stable daily regimen.

9 Responses to More challenges

  1. Dave, you are the strongest cancer fighter I know! In spite of all these setbacks, you just keep ahead of it, moving forward. My hope is that you can begin the new trial and that it’s successful. Also, have you checked into the complete marrow transplant that originated at the U of Oregon? I think it’s called the mini-allogenic total marrow transplant and, while experimental, I know that my friend’s son was cured of brain cancer that was considered terminal with this procedure. At any rate, I’m hoping the disequilibrium is something simple that can be treated! My thoughts and prayers are always with you.
    <3 Sherry

  2. David,
    You are an inspiration to us all,
    My Prayer is that the mdv3100 works for you and controls the psa, also that You are able to get it closer to home.

  3. Hi.
    My dad had a somewhat similiar equilibrium issue. He had a small tumor in the soft tissue at the base of the skull. Radiation helped remedy the problem. Praying for you as always. Fight th egood fight.

  4. Good to see your latest post! Been thinking of you and hope your balance is restored and that PSA heads in the right direction.
    Your Florida Fiends,
    Don & Susan

  5. Hi David,

    glad to se the head and upper spine were clear – that’s some relief.

    Best of luck with the MDV.

    I think of you as ‘Ol man river. Despite the obstacles – you just keep rolling along.

    Seeing my oncologist on Wednesday – good or bad news I will draw strength from your gallant example.

    Love and prayers from across the pond.


  6. David, I just wanted to say that you are a true inspiration, every time I walk out doors and see your home I’m reminded of how tuff a man you have been thru this fight. Keep at it.

    ps. Pulling for the new treatment to be the miracle cure.


  7. David I think of you and pray for you often. My uncle was just diagnosed with lymphoma. He will be starting radiation and chemo soon. You are an amazing fighter with a strong will. Keep on doing what you do. My prayers for you and yours. God bless.

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