The Trend Continues….

I (Mary) am writing this post on behalf of David. We wanted to provide an update regarding the events of the past week.

The highlight of the week was the opportunity to host the third annual. ‘FLHW Warrior Combine’. It was a beautiful July morning. We had a wonderful group of men participate, both regarding athleticism, as well as camaraderie. Money was raised to support advanced prostate cancer treatment research and additionally, we were able to promote the importance of early detection in beating the battle against prostate cancer. We had an exceptional newsteam join us who helped us to promote our message. If at least one man saw the story and decided to go get tested, then it was all well worth it. Below is the link to the story. It also contains the video:

Many thanks to Jason for selecting FLHW to be the recipient charity for this wonderful event.
Also, our sincere appreciation goes out to those who sponsored the event, as well as to the volunteers and those that came out to cheer the warriors on, including the Chiefs Cheerleaders that dedicated their time to support our cause. The event seems to get better with each passing year, and is fun for all! David was able to watch the event from the side lines. He enjoyed  visiting with friends and family and watching the competition. The enthusiasm and energy of those participating was infectious.

The final event was completed, the scores were tallied and the warrior champions were announced. We were able to clean up and head home by 11:00 AM, just as the summer temps started to climb.
David’s sisters were in town for a visit, so we all went home, had a little brunch and decided it was time for a nap after an early and hectic morning. Later that afternoon, David commented that he was cold. I walked toward him and realized he was shivering. Touching his forehead, he was burning up. I immediately took his temperature and it was 104 degrees. Since a fever is one of the warning signs for infection when on chemotherapy, I immediately called the oncologist and David was soon admitted to the hospital. This is where our trend continues, April, May and June all included hospital visits, and unfortunately, July did not pass by without another trip to KU Med Center. After a lot of testing, it was determined David had an infection that settled as a urinary tract infection and then spread to his blood. Additionally, his blood pressure was extremely low coupled with a very high heart rate. Sunday morning, he was moved to ICU. He was not responding to the initial antibiotics that he was given and the doctors were unable to get his blood pressure back to a normal level. Finally, Monday evening progress was made and his blood pressure was improving. Late Tuesday afternoon he was moved back down to the oncology floor. His progress is slow and steady. He will be in the hospital until at least Monday. Each and every member of the staff that has assisted us during this visit have been amazing. Their compassion and positive attitudes while caring for David have been a source of comfort for both David as well as for our family. David’s spirits are good and we look forward to him returning home early next week. As always, we will be taking it one day at a time.

12 Responses to The Trend Continues….

  1. Thank you for the update, Mary. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Please give David our best wishes for a speedy return home.
    Your Florida Friends,
    Don & Susan

  2. Sending you my heart felt hopes that all is back to “normal” soon. I am so impressed by all that you both keep doing in this fight against prostate cancer and I was delighted to see the photo of David at the event. I’m so sorry that he ended up sick. Give him an extra hug for me. I know personally how hard each and every day can be and I’m wishing for better days in David’s future.

  3. We are praying for David’s full recovery. He and your family have done wonders for PC awareness and have given hope to so many. God bless you and yours.

  4. David and Mary, you guys are a true inspiration to all of us fighting this disease…hope that David can get home soon.

  5. David and Mary,
    Sending all good thoughts your way. David is a true hero, which I continue to point out on PCa forums.
    Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the cause.

  6. David, Mary and family,

    Sending positive energy your way. Praying for a speedy recovery, what a battle this is! You are an inspiration to the rest of us.

    Beth Lott

  7. Hi Mary,

    thanks for finding the time to keep us all up to date on David’s progress.

    You and your family are constantly in my prayers – you have been such an inspiration to my wife Kathryn and me.

    I know from experience that the support of a good wife is vital and that it is sometimes harder for you than it is for us.

    Bless you Mary,

    love and prayers from across the pond,


  8. Dear David and Mary –

    Hope David is out of the hospital and on the mend. Hoping that only good things come your way for the rest of the summer. Joan MacKenzie