So far…. So far

On Monday I had my first dose of chemo, the first of three during this cycle. The cycles will be 1, one hour dose once a week for three weeks, and then a week off. We haven’t determined how many cycles I will be taking. I guess it depends on how I respond and what happens with my PSA and how I am doing over all. Happy that the infusion is only an hour, but just so you understand what is involved, it actually takes about 6 hours in full for the 1 hour infusion. First, I have to have labs so they can check my blood, then a quick visit with the doctor and then we wait for the pharmacy to prepare the meds. I receive several pre meds interveniously before I actually receive the Taxotere. Mary is at my side through the whole process, so we talk and keep each other company, so the time passes fairly quickly.

We did receive good news in conjunction with all of the testing on Monday, my PSA dropped from 1,539 (June 19th) to 975 (July 2nd). We pray this is a premonition for things to come with the chemo!
Also, and very importantly, the pathology test from the fluid that was removed from my lungs came back negative, so there were no malignant cancer cells in the fluid, hence, not cancerous tumors on my lungs. That was a great relief!

As for side effects from the first chemo treatment,  I have nothing to report after two days. Instead of the steroids keeping me awake, I actually slept quite well Monday night. Last night I was feeling ‘normal’ enough that we decided to go out for dinner instead of heating up the house. Nothing fancy, but it sure was good to get out of the house! The pain is still being managed with long acting pain medicine and no break through pain meds are required. I am happy to be on less pain medication, as it allows me to be more alert and feel like my ol’ self.

Today will be a very hot fourth of July. I hope everyone manages to stay cool and has a nice day filled with fun and happiness with family and friends. Happy fourth!

8 Responses to So far…. So far

  1. David,

    I am so glad to know the lung biopsy was clear and that the first chemo infusion went well. Will pray that those numbers continues to plunge. You are, indeed, my cancer mentor—a title I wish you never had to earn in the first place.

    Have a good 4th with your loved ones,

  2. Excellent, David. Now for the Tax to do it’s thing. Happy Fourth to you and family.


  3. David, that is great news to hear….I’ll send good thoughts for futher improvements.

  4. Lots of good stuff in your post, especially the PSA numbers and the lung fluid pathology, not to mention being able to sleep and the pain being managed. And yet, I can only imagine how much strength it takes for you to go from day to day. Hang in there my friend and know that you are an inspiration to many. Happy 4th.

  5. David,

    Praise the Lord for all your good news. A good night’s sleep, a feeling of control and a little ‘normality’ raises the spirits.

    Enjoy it, you both deserve it.

    Love and prayers from across the pond,


  6. Ah David, good news! So happy for you & your family. May your progress continue on a much smoother road!
    Best, Don & Susan

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