Home again

I was released from the hospital late Monday afternoon. My procedure that morning went well. They removed almost 2 liters of fluid from my left lung. That’s right….2 liters. No wonder I was having difficulty breathing! The fluid was sent to pathology to be tested. We have not yet received the results. The test will determine if there are cancer cells present. If so, that will mean the cancer has spread to my lung. If not present, it is caused by infection or pneumonia. I was on heavy duty antibiotics in case there is infection or pneumonia.

In addition to the blood clot on my shoulder, there are several blood clots on my left lung. I am on blood thinner to dissolve them. That means I am back to giving myself twice daily shots of Lovenox in the stomach.

Taking the slow release pain meds 3 times daily, instead of twice has made a huge difference. I am now taking 1 break thru pain med every 8 hours instead of 2 to 3 every 4 hours. We have a lot going on, but not having the pain is wonderful.

I am still experiencing edema in both legs and feet. It had all but gone away, but since I was in the hospital, the swelling is persistent. I am sleeping with my feet up and moving around much more, but taking intermittent breaks to try to relieve the swelling a bit.

We are planning to start chemo Monday morning. Instead of taking 1 large dose every 3 weeks, I will have a smaller dose once a week for 3 weeks and then have a week off. I am in good spirits and am hopeful that the chemo will shrink the cancer and enable us to resume a normal lifestyle once again.

4 Responses to Home again

  1. Glad they got the fluid off the lungs. and VERY happy about the pain being eased.
    I havent posted to you in a while but have been lurking in your blog daily.
    God be with you David. And Stay Out of This HEAT.

    Tom T.

  2. David – so good to see you back here! Have been checking on you for some time. We wish you well with treatment and pray your test results will be to the good.
    Thinking of you,
    Your Florida Friends

  3. Hi David,

    glad to hear you are back home and have the pain under control. At least that’s closer to ‘normality’.

    I know that when I have a ‘good day’ – Kathy always says it is like having the old me back.

    Here’s hoping for some good days for you and Mary – best of luck with the medics on Monday.

    love and prayers from across the pond,


  4. Hi David. We have a few problems in common. Back in March, I was hospitalised with double pneumonia and pleurisy. I then had a small bowel blockage and they expected me to die.

    They drained my stomach of fluid (clear with black bits flowing through). Well as you can see, I survived.

    I have been left with permanent damage to my lungs and am on oxygen most of the time. The blockage of the airways is terrible, isn’t it. I am sure others cannot understand what is happening.

    With the edema, I am on fluid tablets and wear compression or hospital stockings which keep it under control.

    I have a blog about PC at
    – come visit sometime and keep in touch if you want to.